LG 42PA4520 Plasma TV Review

The TV is huge and the back part is made of metal which made it really heavy. I wasn’t able to remove it from the box without help. The stand requires some assembly since it has a tilting mechanism. I was thinking of buying a TV rack with a mount but now I’m not sure if there’s a mount that can support this TV hehe. Buttons are located at the lower left part. I haven’t tried them yet and there is no reason to use them since you can do everything with the remote. Most of the reviews I read said that the screen is reflective and it should be located in a dark room to lessen the reflection. My TV is located just besides the window and I can see the picture just fine. The only reflection I see is when the screen is black and I see myself hahaha. The bottom part of the bezel has a red accent to it which I think is the only difference from the regular PA4500 model.


The UI is very LG with white, silver and pink accents. It is very easy to calibrate since it has a Picture Wizard which helps you fine tune the settings. Connecting the TV with standard definition cable box was easy but you need to buy a quick connect converter since it doesn’t include one. Coaxial is superior to RCA, so using coaxial cable from the cable box to the TV is a must.


TVs nowadays play movies via USB. This TV supports mosts formats but playing large movies requires loading for at least 30+ seconds. We have an Xtreamer Elvira which is faster so we use that instead. HD Movies still look HD even at 720p. I haven’t tried the TV with a PS3 or XBox 360 yet.

Overall, the TV works great and we’re just waiting for the electric bill to come in and give the final verdict 😀


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