Merry Christmas to all!

While everyone is fast asleep. I’m fixing my dad’s laptop. From cleaning the hardware to installing Windows 7. I’ll be selling the laptop at work and hopefully make enough money to make a smile to dad’s face.


Asus 2.2ghz pentium duo, 2,5gb ram and 300gb hdd. any buyers?

We have been busy all weekend. We visited dad and our grandmothers at Tarlac. That was the first time we drove there and it was very tiring but the look on Geoff’s face when he saw the farm animals was worth it. Also, good news to Geoff because he’ll have a new yaya for the new year courtesy of Ate Sang. Hopefully she’ll last longer than 6 months. Please please please…

DSC_0319Merry Christmas to all!


Old Skul Games


Me and my wife watched Wreck It Ralph last month and it was awesome. For a gamer, that movie showed a lot of reference from past games. It even has the phrase “Aeris is alive!!” in one of the scenes. That movie will make you want to play Mario Bros. 2 in your big old NES.

I wish I still have my old game consoles. I wasn’t the type of kid that collects stuff. I used to have NES, Gameboy, Super Family Computer, Gameboy Advance, PSX, PS2 and PS3. All of them were the first version of the hardware.


I was able to play SNES, Sega Saturn, N64 and XBox in a rental shop. That shop consumed my life hahaha. I spent more time there than home. I watch other people play when I don’t have money. I even stole money from my Mom just to play there and I lost my first bike because I was busy playing. My dad said he will never buy me another bike hahaha. I played and finished Final Fantasy VI (I was FF3 before) at that shop and I finished a lot of RPGs there. That shop fueled my gaming needs back then.

Retro video games are awesome and should be experienced by everyone. The feel of adventure from those games are not found in most games today. Most games are into realism and money making features.

Before in Resident Evil (1 to 3). Finishing the game will open up new clothes for the player, new modes and infinite weapons. Now you have to buy them to unlock it. How crazy is that?

Now I have a DS, PSP and PSVita. Handhelds are what you need when you have a very active baby boy. I don’t have time to turn on the TV and setup a game console anymore. Maybe I’ll get back to consoles when Geoff turns 3 years old. 🙂