LG 42PA4520 Plasma TV Review

The TV is huge and the back part is made of metal which made it really heavy. I wasn’t able to remove it from the box without help. The stand requires some assembly since it has a tilting mechanism. I was thinking of buying a TV rack with a mount but now I’m not sure if there’s a mount that can support this TV hehe. Buttons are located at the lower left part. I haven’t tried them yet and there is no reason to use them since you can do everything with the remote. Most of the reviews I read said that the screen is reflective and it should be located in a dark room to lessen the reflection. My TV is located just besides the window and I can see the picture just fine. The only reflection I see is when the screen is black and I see myself hahaha. The bottom part of the bezel has a red accent to it which I think is the only difference from the regular PA4500 model.


The UI is very LG with white, silver and pink accents. It is very easy to calibrate since it has a Picture Wizard which helps you fine tune the settings. Connecting the TV with standard definition cable box was easy but you need to buy a quick connect converter since it doesn’t include one. Coaxial is superior to RCA, so using coaxial cable from the cable box to the TV is a must.


TVs nowadays play movies via USB. This TV supports mosts formats but playing large movies requires loading for at least 30+ seconds. We have an Xtreamer Elvira which is faster so we use that instead. HD Movies still look HD even at 720p. I haven’t tried the TV with a PS3 or XBox 360 yet.

Overall, the TV works great and we’re just waiting for the electric bill to come in and give the final verdict 😀


Persona 4 Golden Review

Any PSVita user should play this game and I mean it! This game is so huge and so complex that I never played a game like this in my life.

Persona 4 Golden is a remastered PS2 game for the PSVita. It even cost less than the regular Vita game and IT IS SO AWESOME!

The game starts a mysterious velvet car with a freaky man and a pretty woman and they’ll introduce themselves as witness and assistance to your destiny. Persona 4 Golden is like a TV show which lets you somewhat control the story.

The game plays on a per day basis which lets you spend time in events or people in your social link. A social link is needed for you to become strnger. If you’re OC like me, this game will freak you out. You need to schedule what you want to do for future days but sometimes the game introduces a new feature, event or person that you need to take care off. You need to pick which event or person you want to spend time with most of the time and I always choose women first hahaha.

Character development is extreme in this game. I promise you that you’ll care for most of the characters in Persona 4 Golden. I’m almost half in the game and I still need to max out about 60% of the social links I have.

The game has two worlds. The real world and the TV world. The real world has mostly all social links and events and the TV world has the dungeons and Teddie.

Dungeon crawling are sometimes dragging since mostly you’re looking for chests and golden hands. Golden hand monsters are rich in EXP and Money and they are plenty per floor. You’re not required to finish the dungeon in one go. The game will let you go back to the real world if you need to replenish supplies and heath.

Most players have timed in 100+ hours before finishing. I think I’ll reach that time or more because I want to max out the social links before the New Game+. I’ll update this post once I finish the game.